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Monumental Brass Society

Each of the application forms linked below may be completed 'on line' printed locally and sent by post (snail mail) to a defined recipient. Names and address are detailed on each form.

New members form (including Banker's order)

Gift subscription form

Gift aid form

Conference application form

Study day application form

Conservation grant application form

How to Join the MBS

Please complete the application section and send it together with your subscription to:

Penny Williams, Hon. Assistant Secretary

Monumental Brass Society

12 Henham Court, Mowbrays Road

Collier Row, Romford, Essex RM5 3EN


The rates, effective from 1st January 2005 are:

Annual subscription

£25(can be paid in 2 instalments)

Overseas subscription

£25 or U.S.$45 (plus £3 or $5 for air mail)

Family subscription

£35 (£25 00 plus £10.00 for second person at the same address, receiving no literature)

Associate subscription (in full time education or under 18 years of age) 


Institutional subscription


Membership Application Form and Bankers Order Form

Click here for a Gift Subscription form as a web page that can be printed.

Click here for the Membership Application and Bankers Order form as a web page which can be printed.

Gift Aid Declaration form

If you are a UK taxpayer the value of any donation to the Society can be increased without any additional cost to you. The Society is able to apply to the Treasury to regain the income tax you have already paid and thus increase the Society's revenue by approximately 25%

All we ask you to do is complete the Gift Aid Declaration form and we will do the rest!

Click here for the form which can be printed.

Conservation Grant Application Form

The Society requires an application form to be completed to consider your application for a grant. It must be supported by an estimate from a recognised brass conservator and submitted to:

Martin Stuchfield

Pentlow Hall



CO10 7SP

Click here for the form as a web page which can be printed.

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