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Listed below are links to other sites of interest. Click on the blue underlined text to transfer to that site. To return to the MBS site, use your back button. If you would like to go direct to a particular section of the links guide click on the section heading below:



National Heritage Organisations

Picture libraries and other useful resources

Featured Website

Every  few months, we will feature a particular site from the lists below.

The British Museum has a large collection of monumental brasses. The museum’s website now has a feature called Collection Search and specifying monumental & brass  brings up the museum’s holdings as results, most of them having images of the brasses. By clicking on the images or the text below them, you can find out more. At the moment, this feature is in the final beta stage of testing, which means that it is accessible to all. The link is  

This is likely to change once testing is complete.


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National Heritage Organisations


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Picture libraries and other useful resources

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If you have a website or know of one not listed here that you think would be of relevance to people studying brasses and incised slabs please e-mail:

Jon.bayliss AT

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Page last updated 04 March 2015


Access to archives

Searchable database containing catalogues describing archives held throughout England and dating from the 900s to the present day.

Altavista picture search

Searches for images on a specified subject.


Searchable picture archive of art and architecture including monuments

NB dial-up may be slow on this site as some pictures are huge.

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe

Searchable index to internet resources concerning European Archaeology

Archive CD books

Reproductions on CD of antiquarian books including on brasses and other monuments. (under Graves and MIs) .

The UK site is now closed for business. The link here is to the Irish sister site but there are other sister sites elsewhere.


US-based world-wide virtual archaeological library

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

The Department of Antiquities holds in its reserve collections a collection of rubbings of brasses (not currently available for public inspection). These are listed on the brass rubbing section of its Collections page on its website, which also has an extensive gallery of brass rubbings.

Bibliothèque nationale de France

The French  national library (BnF). It contains most of the Gaignières drawings of French monuments made before the majority of them were destroyed in the French Revolution. Perhaps the easiest way to access the drawings of brasses is via the Europeana portal, using Gaignières and cuivre as search terms, while Gaignières and pierre tombale will show the incised slabs. To find individual items, it is best to consult the second volume of Bouchot’s inventory of the drawings and use his numbers in the search , eg a search on Gaignières and 4630 will  produce the brass of Louis de Villiers, Bishop of Beauvais.  Bouchot’s inventory can be found at

Bodleian Library Image catalogue

On-line catalogue of manuscript holdings with facility to search descriptions for particular words or names.

British Library manuscript catalogue

On-line catalogue of manuscript holdings with facility to search descriptions for particular words or names.

British Museum

Collection searh for monumental & brass

CUL manuscript catalogue

Catalogue for manuscript holdings in Cambridge University Library.

Collect Britain

Images from the British Library. For brasses in particular, see the

King George III Topographical Collection although there are some in other areas of the collection.

Church Mouse website

Website on Lincolnshire churches and their contents with a useful selection of monuments from a wider region. Includes a section (never completed) on cadaver monuments, which would have had more illustrations of brasses


Guildhall Library and Art Gallery , London, image database including pictures of existing and lost brasses and other monuments in London

County Series

A series of fully illustrated guides to the monumental brasses of the British Isles.

Digital Atlas of England

Aims to provide digital photographic record of all pre-1900 buildings of architectural interest. Includes most monuments and tombs up to 1850, as well as brasses and indents.


A pan-European portal to national sites

flickr - English Church Monuments

flickr - Church Furnishings

flickr - Monumental Brasses

A photo-sharing site with English church monuments and church furnishings pools that both include brasses, and the more recently established Monumental Brasses pool.

Fordham Research Guides

Fordham University guide for research on the medieval period and other topics.

Google picture search 

Google book search 

Searches for images on a specified subject.

Searches the contents of books

Internet Archive Text Archive


Open Library

Many older books can be downloaded from this site or searched and read online individually. Downloads in pdf format are larger than those from Google Book Search because they are indexed and can be searched offline.The Open Library site provides an  elementary  search to the contents of the books on both the Internet Archive and Google.

Internet Medieval Source Book

Extensive Fordham University site with a searchable archive of primary and secondary sources of many aspects of the medieval period

Images of England

A digital library of photographs of the 370,000 listed buildings in England.

The Labyrinth

Extensive listings of text, image and archival databases and websites with resources for medieval studies, arts, architecture, archaeology, chivalry, arms, heraldry and many other related topics, set up by Georgetown University.

Medieval English Genealogy

Extensive website on medieval English genealogy, with much information on sources and a good section on funeral monuments including brasses (with some illustrations).

Medieval Institute

Publications Website for the Medieval Institute of the Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, which has an extensive publication programme, including Medieval Review, which carries reviews of current work in all areas of medieval studies.

National Register of Archives

Searchable index to information on the nature and location of manuscripts and historical records that relate to British history.


US-based internet connection for medieval sources.

Norfolk Churches Site

Simon Knott’s guide to Norfolk churches. Photographs of brasses often illustrate the entries for particular churches.

Picture  Norfolk

Search facility for Norfolk CC photograph library (also includes some photos of brasses and related items in adjacent counties)

Portable antiquities finds database

Database of  finds recorded under the Portable Antiquities Scheme. A search on 'brass' reveals a list of Lombardic letters and other fragments from brasses, most of them illustrated by photographs.

PRO on-line catalogue

On-line catalogue of Public Records Office database, with facility to search for documents with specific words or names.

Purbeck Stone a history

Website on Purbeck marble with illustrations of medieval tombs

Suffolk Churches Site

Simon Knott’s guide to Suffolk churches. Photographs of brasses often illustrate the entries for particular churches.

View Buildings

The View Buildings website provides access to the unique photographic archive of a project that is documenting the corpus of architecturally interesting & historically important buildings and their contents (including brasses up to 1800, figure indents  and other monuments) in England. Most of the  site is viewable only on the payment of a subscription.

British Academy

The National Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences.


A resource for church maintenance issues developed by the Church of England in association with the Council for Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Insurance.

Churches Conservation Trust 

Formerly the Redundant Churches Fund, the trust owns and looks after redundant churches of historical and architectural interest, which have been transferred to it by the Church of England.

Council for British Archaeology

Organisation which regularly publishes important works on archaeology.

English Heritage

The Government's lead body on the historic environment in England.

Historic Churches Preservation Trust

and interest-free loans towards preserving the fabric of churches' buildings so they may remain open as places of regular worship.

National Monuments Record

Public archive of 10 million photos including church monuments.

Society of Antiquaries

Charitable body for the encouragement, advancement and furtherance of the study and knowledge of the antiquities of this and other countries. Its collections include the most comprehensive collection of rubbings of brasses and incised slabs.

Ancient Monuments Society

Society for the study and conservation of ancient and historic buildings and craftsmanship in the UK

Arms and Armour Society 

Furthers the study of arms and armour from the earliest times.

British Archaeological Association

Promotes the study of archaeology, art and architecture and promotes the preservation of antiquities

Church Archaeology Society

Promotes the care, conservation and study of the ecclesiastical buildings of England and Ireland

Church Monuments Society 

International society for the study of all types of church monuments of all periods.

Ecclesiological Society

Society for the study of church architecture, furnishings and liturgy. An especially extensive and useful website.

Friends of Friendless Churches

Founded to save, from demolition or ill use, places of worship of architectural or historic interest.

Historical Association

The Historical Association is the voice for history. It brings together people who hare an interest in, and love for the past. It aims to further the study and teaching of history at all levels.

International Center for Medieval Art

Promotes the study of the visual arts of the medieval period in Europe.


Forum for the study of all aspects of dress and textiles in medieval times.

Medieval Academy of America 

Largest organisation in the world devoted to medieval studies.

Richard III Society

Promotes research into the life and times of King Richard III.

Society of Genealogists

Promotes, encourages and fosters the study of genealogy.

Society for Medieval Archaeology

Society for the study of archaeology from the 5th to the 16th century.

Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

Society for the study of life in the centuries after the Middle Ages.

Victorian Society

Society for the study and protection of Victorian and Edwardian architecture and other arts.