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Publications index

An-up-to-date topographical index to the complete runs of MBS Transactions, MBS Bulletin and MBS Portfolio has been  prepared by William Lack. This include all but the most trivial of  references in these publications to churches, both in the UK and abroad, which contain, or have contained brasses, incised slabs or allied monuments. Illustrations are also indexed. It encompasses all Transactions, Bulletins and Portfolios up to September 2003.

In addition, to mark the issue of Bulletin 100, William Lack has compiled a complete index to Bulletins 1-100. This index comprises three sections:

1. A topographic list of references and illustrations, with all but the most trivial references to churches which contain, or have contained, brasses, incised slabs and allied monuments. Original references to the name of the person commemorated have been converted into references to the church concerned.

2. A general index which is not intended to be comprehensive but to list major papers, lecture reports, conference reports, etc.

3. An alphabetic index of books and important papers reviewed or described in the Notes on Books and Articles.

(Please note: the indices are in a file in .pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat to read it. Click here to load the reader from the Adobe site - also available on many free discs with PC magazines)

The links below, take you to another site with a page explaining the operation of the index. Click the link below the main heading to download the index proper. Page 2 of the downloaded document gives a contents list with the page references for both individual UK counties and individual foreign countries. Alternatively use the Acrobat find facility (click the binocular symbol) to search the document for a place name e.g. Algarkirk.

Once you have finished exploring the index, to return to this website click the 'back' button on your browser bar.

To go to the topographical index to the complete runs of MBS Transactions, MBS Bulletin and MBS Portfolio, click here.

To go to the new index to Bulletins 1-100, click here

For articles of a general nature from these publications, see the Bibliography web page, which covers all publications on brasses and incised slabs. The foreign section of this bibliography also includes major articles from MBS publications on individual brasses and incised slabs and collections in specific churches. Similar articles on UK brasses and incised slabs will be added to the bibliography in future updates.


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