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MBS Bulletin

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Occasional Publications

The MBS produces occasional publications from time to time.

Past publications still available for sale are:

J. Coales (ed.), The Earliest English Brasses (1987)

Cover of MBS publication edited by John Coales, The Earliest English Brasses

J. Bertram (ed.), Monumental Brasses as Art and History (1996, Alan Sutton Publishing Limited)

Cover of Monumental Brasses as Art and History, edited by Jerome Betram, published by Alan Sutton Publishing Limited and the Monumental Brass Society

J. Page-Phillips, Monumental Brasses: a Sixteenth Century Workshop (1999) with introduction by Jon Bayliss

Cover of MBS Occasional Paper No. 1. John Page-Phillips, Monumental Brasses: a Sixteenth Century Workshop

To celebrate the millennium in 2001, the MBS  published a copiously illustrated volume edited by Robert Hutchinson, Drawings of Monumental Brasses and Incised Slabs by the Waller Brothers 1837-44.

Cover of MBS Occasional Publication No. 2, edited by Robert Hutchinson, Drawings of Monumental Brasses and Incised Slabs by the Waller Brothers 1837-44

This volume presents important new research, arising from an MBS Study Day, on the Catesby family, Ashby St. Ledgers church and brasses to family spanning the period 1404 to 1553. Most are now in imperfect condition, but details of lost components are recorded in hitherto unpublished 17th and 18th century antiquarian notes transcribed in full in the volume. Two brasses in the Northamptonshire Record Office are newly identified as having been from Ashby; as a result they are to be returned to the church. All known brasses from the church, including some to other families, are studied and an overview given of their significance.


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Reduced price book offers

The MBS has been able to offer to members the opportunity to buy, at a substantial discount on the retail price, some books on brasses written by MBS members.

Recent offers have included:

S. Badham and M. Norris, Early Incised Slabs and Brasses from the London Marblers (1999)

N. Saul, Death, Art and Memory in Medieval England: the Cobham Family and their Monuments 1300-1500 (2001)

John Higgitt, Katherine Forsyth and David Parsons (eds.), Roman, Runes

and Ogham (Shaun Tyas, 2002). A series of 21 essays on medieval

inscriptions in the Insular World and on the Continent, including Jerome

Bertram 'Inscriptions on Late Medieval Brasses and Monuments' and

Sally Badham 'The Contribution of Epigraphy to the Typological

Classification of Medieval English Brasses and Incised Slabs'.


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Dorset (2001)


Durham (2002)


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Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (2007)


Herefordshire (2008)


Hertfordshire (2009)


Huntingdonshire (2012)

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County Series     

In 1992 the MBS began the publication of the County Series, a series of fully-illustrated guides to the monumental brasses of the British Isles, by William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore. As well as dealing with all existing brasses from the medieval period to the present day, all indents are recorded and most illustrated and lost brasses recorded in antiquarian notes are comprehensively referenced. A volume is published annually, each dealing with the brasses of a specific county. All volumes are fully indexed, making it a valuable resource for family and local historians.                    

  The volumes published to date are:

The Editor

William Lack,

The Radleth,



Shropshire SY5 0XF

or email

Notes on books and articles should be sent to:

Richard Busby F.S.A.


Beech Hill,


Northumberland NE46 3AG

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MBS Bulletin

The Bulletin is published 3 times a year, in January, May  and September. 

There are 20 A4 pages in each issue. It is fully illustrated and usually contains:

Cover of September 2010 Bulletin

Contributions to the Bulletin are welcomed from members and non-members alike. The deadlines are usually around the beginning of April, August and December.

Articles (ideally on disk) should be sent to:

The Bulletin is available online from 2010 onwards: MBS Bulletin

Dairy of events


Reports on past meetings, conferences and excursions

Brief articles related to brasses and incised slabs

Book reviews

Notes on books and articles on brasses, incised slabs and related ecclesiology.

Cover of the Huntingdonshire volume 

T. Cooper (ed.), The Journal of William Dowsing (2001)

P. Coss and M. Keen (eds.), Heraldry, Pageantry and Social Display in Medieval England (2002)